Terms and conditions of sale


AbcDue Srl - office: Vicolo Ongaria, 9, 30028 - San Michele al Tagliamento (VE) - Italy - VAT number: 04159580275

The terms contained in these general conditions do not deprive the buyer, in the case of a consumer, of the rights conferred by law and applicable regulations in force, including the rights and actions of the Legislative Decree No 206 of 6 September 2005.
AbcDue Srl, Vicolo Ongaria, 9, 30028 - San Michele al Tagliamento (VE) - Italy, conducts its business of selling online using its own website accessible at: (SITE_NOME) and declares its intention to be contacted at the following email address: info@eclik.it.
CUSTOMER is the person named in the order in which the contract is concluded in accordance with the provisions of these terms and conditions. The user who registers to the proposal of AbcDue Srl, on its website in order to reach certain areas of the web site with regulated access.


These terms and conditions of online sale governing the contract for the sale of products offered by AbcDue Srl, are published on this site to be read by the customer before making a purchase and accepted together with the order. The Customer wishing to purchase products must show the will through a request made directly on the site where following the procedures will forward the purchase order and payment.

All items on the website AbcDue Srl are brand new, authentic, in the original packaging and delivered with a 24-month guarantee.

Order acceptance:
The Sales contract is the order that has as object the purchase of goods and products at a distance by a consumer and the Supplier AbcDue Srl. The contract is concluded exclusively using Internet technologies provided by AbcDue Srl at the web address: info@eclik.it.
The customer, with the electronic confirmation of the order acknowledges to have read, understood, and accept the conditions of sale and payment indicated in the purchasing process, also he agrees to print and keep the conditions of sale set out below as provided by Articles 3 and 4 of Legislative Decree n. 185/1999.
The order submitted is to be considered subject to the approval of AbcDue Srl, regardless of the e-mails that the system automatically sends. Only after checking the accuracy of all data transmitted and the receipt of payment, you will receive our acceptance and confirmation of the order by e-mail.
For products ordered and customized by the customer through the selection of specific finishes it will not be possible to make changes or cancel the order once our order confirmation has been sent, according to the European Directive 2011/83/EU, for these products there is no right of withdrawal.
Eventual errors in price, technical descriptions or pictures on the site, or sudden increases in price lists from our suppliers, the exhaustion of articles or other cases unrelated to our will, may be cause for the order to be cancelled even after the confirmation, in this case, the customer will be informed and refunded the full amount paid. It excludes any right to damages or compensation to the customer, as for any other contract or extra-contract liability for consequential damages to persons and/or property caused by the rejection, even partial, of an order. Data sheets and product images published relate to what has been provided by the manufacturers, our company has no responsibility for any possible mistakes or changes made without notice

Order cancellation:
You can cancel your order within 24 hours from receipt of our order confirmation, after that there will a cancellation fee equal to 30% of the product value. Any eventual refund will be made within 14 days.

Delivery or collection:
AbcDue Srl provides for the delivery of products on the website in the following countries: countries we ship to. The delivery will be standard at street level using vehicles with a single driver, for this reason if the products should be bulky the Customer will cooperate with the unloading. There is no delivery to different floors, the installation or collection of used goods; delivery by appointment is available, the service that allows you to be notified when the ordered material is coming so as to agree on the delivery time with the courier, service to be requested at the end of the order cart.
During the summer and Christmas periods there are limitations of shipments, see: block deliveries, we do not operate direct withdrawal, for Italy deposit is available at a branch of Bartolini BRT courier.

All prices on this website are net and inclusive of VAT, for VAT number holders of a member state of the European Union, excluding Italy it is deducted at the end of the order cart before confirming the order, see: VAT EU countries.
AbcDue Srl we reserve the right to change prices at any time without notice in the case of price fluctuations for the product categories covered.

Product Availability and delivery times:
- Immediate shipping: Products available in our warehouses, normally shipped the day after payment has been credited.
- Shipment within: "__" days: The product can be ordered or is comings soon, it will be shipped within working days indicated, the timing can vary slightly depending on the type of product ordered and the availability from the supplier, the customer is entitled to withdraw partially or completely the order in case of delays.

Upon delivery, the customer is required to check that the number of packages delivered and the appearance is as specified in the transport document and verify that the package is intact.
In case of tampering, cracks, cuts or wet packaging, the Customer must accept the goods "SUBJECT TO INSPECTION" describing the damage on the delivery receipt of the carrier, eg. Subject to inspection for battered cardboard, broken polystyrene etc. The description of the damage is fundamental, as general controls are not sufficient to open the practice of damage against the courier resulting in the impossibility to be refunded or to replace the product.
In case of visible damage to the packages, the customer can refuse delivery indicating the reason for non-acceptance on the courier receipt, once returned it will be replaced.
Afterwards, check the product: any anomaly, even a little scratch, should be communicated to AbcDue Srl WITHIN 48 HOURS of receipt by phone or sending an e-mail with attached photos to: info@eclik.it. We do not accept claims for damages after 48 hours from delivery.
In case of damage, the product must not be used or installed; you must also retain the original packaging for the return of the product to be replaced.
If the product is used or installed, the replacement is forfeited.
Complaints for other reasons must be sent exclusively within 8 calendar days from the receipt of the goods, after this period our company no longer accepts any complaint.

Right of withdrawal:
As per paragraph 52 of the Consumer Code Legislative Decree number 21/2014 and regulation CEE 2011/83, if the customer is a consumer, i.e. a person who buys goods for purposes unrelated to their business or professional activity, and so on the order form they do not supply the details of their business, they have the right to withdraw within 14 days from the contract for any reason, without explanation and without affecting their right to a refund.
Customers who are not satisfied with the goods purchased on this site https://www.eclik.eu are welcome to return them and will receive a full refund excluding shipping costs. To exercise this right, they must communicate their request to AbcDue Srl by fax / e-mail info@eclik.it or a registered letter. The request must include:
- The expression of their intention to exercise the right of withdrawal;
- Order number and
- Description of the goods for which the right of withdrawal is being exercised.
The customers have to wait till they receive from AbcDue Srl the permission to return the goods, upon which they must return them within eight days and at their own expense.
AbcDue Srl is not liable for any losses related to the goods returned by the courier caused by damage, theft or loss. Full responsibility for the returned goods lies with the customers. Goods must be returned in the original packaging, suitably additionally packaged and unused, otherwise the claim of withdrawal will become invalid and no refund will be effected.
The right of withdrawal can be exercised only with respect to goods purchased in their entirety, not parts of them, or a quantity smaller than purchased in case of acquisition of more than one item, given that it is possible to buy only one item as a test.
Upon receipt and inspection of the goods AbcDue Srl will effect a refund within maximum 14 days.
Custom products: according to the 2011/83/EU directive on consumer rights, you cannot exercise the right of withdrawal for made-to-measure or clearly personalised goods. It is not possible to cancel the order or use the right of withdrawal for the following types of products: tables, chairs and furniture in general, shower and shower trays, professional kitchens, wood or pellet stoves, and some types of sinks and taps available in various finishes.

Tax related paperwork:
AbcDue Srl always issues clients a standard invoice which is sent automatically by our computer system via e-mail in PDF, within 5 days from the shipment date. Should any issues arise, clients are welcome to request a copy of the invoice by contacting us via e-mail on the following address: info@eclik.it.

In accordance with Legislative Decree 206/2005 "Consumer Protection" all products for sale on this site are covered by a legal guarantee of 24 months. According to the legal guarantee of 24 months, AbcDue Srl is liable to the consumer for any lack of conformity which is not obvious at the time of purchase. The lack of conformity is considered to occur when the product is not fit for its intended use, does not conform to the description or does not possess the qualities promised by the seller, does not offer the quality and performance which are normal for goods of the same type, is not suitable for the particular use desired by the consumer and this aspect is known to the seller at the time of purchase and accepted by the seller: art. 129 of the Consumer Code. The lack of conformity which becomes apparent within 24 months from the date of purchase must be reported within 2 months following the date of discovery of the defect. Unless proved otherwise, it is assumed that the lack of conformity occurring within 6 months after delivery of the goods has already existed. In case of lack of conformity, the conformity of the consumer's goods can be restored, without charge, by repair or replacement. The customer may request the seller, and may choose, to repair or replace the goods, free of charge, unless the request is objectively impossible or excessively expensive compared to the other. Any repair or replacement shall be completed within a reasonable time from the request of the consumer. The average time for the delivery of the product to the consumer is 29 days. If AbcDue Srl is not able to return the repaired product within 60 days, the consumer may require one of the following alternatives: exchange of the product, termination of the contract, price reduction.
Timing and mode of operation of the Legal Warranty:
The client must:
1. send a written notification to AbcDue Srl indicating the defect of the product;
2. wait for the return authorization and method of return indicated by AbcDue Srl;
3. prepare the product for shipping, pack it carefully and include all accessories, instruction manual and all items that were originally included in the product package;
4. indicate the return authorization number issued by AbcDue Srl on the packaging.
The carrier will contact the Customer to arrange the return of the product. If the customer cannot be contacted by telephone, the return of the product will be delayed

Tax related paperwork:
Finalisation of the agreements and acceptance of the general conditions of sale:
1. If the customer is a consumer, namely an individual purchasing goods for purposes unrelated to any business-related or professional activity, or does not carry out the purchase by including a VAT number reference on the order form, agreements made with AbcDue Srlwhen accessing the website are governed by Legislative Decree no. 206, 6 September 2005 (Consumer Code). Furthermore, AbcDue Srl fulfils its obligations pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 70 of 9 April 2003 (Implementation of Directive 2000/31/EC concerning certain legal aspects of information about company services on the internal market, with particular reference to e-commerce).
2. The agreement signed between AbcDue Srl and the customer is deemed finalised when the order submitted by the client in accordance with the purchase procedure stated on the website arrives at the address of the website. The order submitted by the client will only be binding for AbcDue Srl if the entire purchase procedure has been duly and correctly completed, with no error messages being received by the website.
3. By submitting their order to AbcDue Srl, the customer acknowledges and declares to have read all the instructions provided during the purchase procedure and to accept fullly the general conditions of sale (flag required before placing the order).

How to Buy:
4. Only at the time of ordering, can the customer purchase the products in the Site catalogue, as described in the relevant data and technical sheets. The order cannot be completed for products, which although featured in the Site catalogue, are indicated as unavailable. In any case, the products on the Site are listed until no longer available. The picture accompanying the product description is merely illustrative of the features, so may differ in terms of colour, size and accessories shown in the picture. The technical data regarding the product is provided by the relevant manufacturers, and is only to be intended as general product information.
5. The order is confirmed by AbcDue Srl via an e-mail, which is sent to the email address provided by the Customer when ordering. The confirmation notice will list the identification number, the date and time of order, the products purchased, the price, delivery costs, the information provided by the Customer for billing and delivery, the payment method chosen by the Customer and a summary of the terms and conditions of sale. The Customer needs to immediately verify the content of the communication and report any possible errors or omissions to AbcDue Srl.

Signature on delivery (only for Italy)
To pay for goods at the time of delivery, "signature on delivery" must be selected as the payment method.
This payment method, available only for deliveries within Italy, applies to 90% of the value of the order. The remaining 10% of the value must be paid in advance, at the time of placing the order, using one of the following methods: PayPal/Bank transfer/Credit card. The rest must be paid directly to the courier at the time of delivery using one of the following methods:
- Cash, up to the legal limit.
- Cheque, provided that a copy of it is sent to us beforehand via fax/e-mail: info@eclik.it a few days before the shipping so that the appropriate checks can be performed.
Paying by check includes certain administrative costs, the amount of which is shown at the payment screen.
The up-front payment is taken as a deposit, and may be retained by our company in the following cases:
- The goods, once shipped, return because the client refuses them.
- The client cancels an order of a personalised product(s). AbcDue Srl, reserves the right to request a larger deposit in cases of very high value orders.
Advanced bank transfer
In order to pay for goods by advanced bank transfer, "bank transfer" must be selected as the payment method, and then a payment by bank transfer made within 5 days to:
AbcDue Srl
Bank: Friuladria (Credit Agricole)
IBAN: IT29C0533664790000030443858
In this case the order is put on hold until the proof of payment is sent to us, which can be done using fax/e-mail: info@eclik.it. If the proof of payment doesn't reach us within 5 working days, the order will be cancelled.
Credit card
To pay using a credit card, "Signature on delivery" must be selected as the payment method.
The following credit cards are accepted: VISA/MASTERCARD/CARTASI. The transaction takes place through a Secure Server which uses an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protection system that makes sure that no unauthorised person is able to see the details of the credit card used.
The shipping address must coincide with the address of the owner of the credit card, otherwise the order may not be accepted and subsequently refunded.
To pay using PayPal, "PayPal" must be selected as the payment method.
Clients are at this point redirected to the PayPal login page. At no time during the purchase process is our company able to obtain clients' personal data

Delivery method / addressee:
AbcDue Srl will issue an invoice for every order placed and this will be sent by e-mail pursuant to Article 14 of Presidential Decree 445/2000 and Legislative Decree 52/2004. The invoice will be issued using the information provided by the customer when placing the order. Once the invoice has been issued it will not be possible to amend it in any way.
6. The delivery costs, shown when placing an order, will be borne by the customer. The customer will pay for the goods in the manner selected when placing the order. Please check that the address and telephone number are correct and complete. We accept no responsibility for any delays or non-deliveries that are due to incorrect details having been provided. If the goods are returned to us because of a non-delivery (wrong address or failure on the part of the customer to take delivery) the cost for their return to us and their re-shipping will be charged to the customer.
7. The customer, or another person authorised by the customer, will need to be present to take delivery of the goods, at the address shown on the order. This will take place on the street side of the address (unless otherwise specified on the site). The customer is required to check, at the moment of delivery, that the number of parcels being delivered concurs with the number shown on the shipping document and that the packaging is intact, undamaged, not wet or that it has in any way been spoiled. Any damage to the packaging and/or the product or any discrepancies in the number of packages or error in details must be immediately reported, by writing the words “accepted with reservation” on the courier’s proof of delivery. Once the courier’s document has been signed the customer will not be able to make any complaint about the external state of what has been delivered.
8. Other than the thirty-day deadline from the receipt of an order, the times specified for the delivery of the goods must be considered approximate. The courier will not notify the customer in advance by telephone. Where a customer is not present, a second attempt will be made to deliver, or else the courier will telephone the customer to arrange a re-delivery within the following 24 hours. Should a non-delivery occur, even at the second attempt, AbcDue Srl will seek to contact the customer to determine and sort out the problems that led to the non-delivery. If the problem remains unresolved, the order will be considered cancelled, due to the impossibility of it being delivered. AbcDue Srl will inform the customer of said cancellation by e-mail. Any amount already paid by the customer will be refunded, minus the expenses incurred for the non-deliveries.
9. Where it is not possible for the ordered goods to be delivered, as a result of their not being available, even temporarily, AbcDue Srl will inform the customer of this by e-mail without delay. Any amount already paid by the customer will be refunded as quickly as possible, and no later than thirty days after receipt of the purchase order

RAEE contribution:
In view of the new obligations imposed on Manufacturers regarding collection and processing of electrical and electronic waste, Decree 151 provides a financial instrument, known as 'RAEE contribution', whose purpose is to enable the Manufacturers to bear the costs related to the management of RAEE.
'RAEE contribution', also called 'RAEE eco-contribution', consists of an additional cost applied by the Manufacturer to products subject to the regulation placed on the market. The purpose of 'RAEE contribution' is only to cover the costs of the management of RAEE and does not represent a source of profit for Manufacturers, Collective Systems, or for the point of sale.
The Law allows Manufacturers to decide whether to make the cost visible, that is separate from the product price - visible fee, or invisible, that is incorporate it into the total sales price. This decision will be binding to all the parts of the commercial chain involved in the sales activities of the product. Indeed, Legislative Decree 151/05 establishes that if RAEE contribution is made visible by the Manufacturer, the Distributor is obliged to indicate to the final buyer the price of the product separate from the cost of the management of RAEE. The management cost will have to be identical to that identified by the Manufacturer, and remain unchanged during all the steps of the whole commercial chain.
'RAEE contribution' is to be paid at the time of purchase of a new product by the Consumer to the Distributor. The Distributor will pass it on to the Manufacturer, who, in turn, will pass it on to the Consortium to which it belongs and which guarantees on its behalf the discharge of the specified Legal obligations.
AbcDue Srl applies Legislative Decree by inserting the cost of the contribution inside the price of the product and by keeping in the invoicing phase the total owed always separate from the cost of the article

Applicable Law and competent Court:
The sales contract between the Client and AbcDue Srl is governed by Italian law, with exclusion of cases of conflict-of-law rules. For any disputes concerning contracts of sale between the customer and AbcDue Srl concluded through the Site, if the Client is a consumer the territorial jurisdiction belongs without exception to the court of the place of residence or domicile of the Client, if located in Italy. In all other cases, the territorial jurisdiction belongs without exception to the Court of Venezia.